Monday, September 01, 2008

The Hadley Spagna Photography Blog Has Moved

Thank you for your hosting this blog for almost three years blogspot. You're a wonderful blog host. The new blog is hosted on my server and has some more features, so it's time for me to make the move.

Thanks to wordpresses handy import feature I was able to pack up these old posts and take them with me! Yep, going all the way back to November of 2005!

See you over at the new blog!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Just a reminder....

Today is the last day for the opportunity to write my final 2006 blog entry. The person that writes the entry that gets published will receive a NEW iPod Shuffle.

Thank you for all your entries. Every one has been special and I've truly enjoyed reading them!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Blog!

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography


Can you believe this blog is a year old already? Where does the time go?

Wow, what a busy season it has been! All those referrals are keeping my phone ringing and calendar full. THank you! I'll never neglect my clients, but I will neglect my blog. That's why you haven't heard from me in a while. My clients come first.

Your emails have been amazing. I had no idea so many people read this blog! As a result, I'm now feeling tremendous pressure to be witty and entertaining and am fearful of falling short. In fact, I've put so much pressure on myself to come up with a fantastic blog post, that for the longest time, I couldn't think of anything.

Celebrating this blogs First Birthday should involve a present, right? I'm having a tough time coming up with a witty and entertaining blog post, right? ::lightbulb illuminates over head:: Why not give away a birthday present to the person who can come up with a witty and entertaining blog post for me?

Yep, that's right. Write my next blog entry and get a birthday present!

What kind of present?

The new, adorable, portable iPod Shuffle? I want one!

                                              © 2006 Apple

Here're the nitty gritty details:

Who: You (you can be anyone who is reading this and can type a witty and entertaining blog entry)
What: A BRAND-E NEW Apple iPod Shuffle (love it!) shipped to you
When: Your blog post must be sent to me by 12/10/06. (Entries with photos get bonus points) It will be uploaded to my blog in December of 2006. The present receiver will be notified by 12/15/06.
Why: I'm not feeling witty and entertaining right now.
How: Send me your post via email

Do you have any questions? Send me an email.


Did you notice those adorable children at the top of this post? This family is so warm and welcoming. Somehow, (osmosis?) their home has the same qualities. As soon as I entered their home, I immediately felt like I had been there before. M felt like an old friend instantly. I could have stayed all day with this family (in fact, come to think about it, I did stay for snack time). Thank you dear M, for such a wonderful session!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Beauty Within

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

Reflecting on this session one thing came to mind: Beauty Within. This family radiates beauty. H and E are more than beautiful on the outside. They are gorgeous on the inside too. Just minutes after arriving to their home we were hanging out in the backyard having fun. The click of my camera's shutter was a helpful reminder that I was working.

R is talented beyond words with her ability to make her home welcoming to the soul and attractive to the eye. I learned that she practices Feng Shui. Now I've got yoga and feng shui on my to do list.

I have the coolest, most beautiful, fun and exciting clients. Thank you for selecting me to be your photographer!



Well, my Blog Reader Bonus has already been collected. Keep reading for a super Birthday Blog Bonus next month when the Hadley Spagna Photography Blog turns ONE! Yes, this blog will officially be one year old this November.

Check out my work in person this month in Borders on the Post Road in Fairfield. This is a great opportunity to see what my work looks like outside of a computer screen.



My weekends for 2006 have been booked for almost a month now. I have seven weekday appointments available this year. If you're pregnant and are due in November, December or January call me right away so I can get you on my calendar. January is already starting to fill up quickly.



Jack O' Booties. What else?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Five, four, three, two, one...

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography
*** This is not my daughter, but Baby R looks just like her! It's an uncanny resemblance! ***

Sounds like a countdown, right? Well, those are the respective ages of the adorable cousins above. I've never seen a group of kids (never mind five kids five and under) that played as nicely and enjoyed each other's company as much as these kids. I arrived at my client's home prepared for what happens when my kids get together with their cousins ( i.e. packed some Excedrin in the camera bag). Can you believe I didn't need it? This is an amazing, special group of children. Not only are they close in age, but they all have a close relationship with one-another.

Leaving the shoot I was disappointed because I wanted to stay and take more photographs. The toughest part of this session was wanting to devote the whole session to each individual child. They're all so unique, and all so photogenic. I left (sans headache and) still wanting to take more photographs!



Since I'm almost completely booked for 2006, I've got to starting planning for next year. I'll be offering something new in 2007, but I'm not going to dish until 2007! (Okay, maybe December 2006.)

That's not the only new news! In the next few months I'll be unveiling a brand new, shiny website. I promise I'll keep the blog posted with updates.



How many times have you left the house and forgotten to pack a bib for the baby? If you're like me, you've done it once or twice (a week). Have you seen or heard of Kipiis? If not, click on Kipiis to visit their website. Kipiis are brightly colored adjustable clips that will turn a napkin, dishtowel, cloth diaper or any piece of fabric into a bib. I love these things!



Stop by the Fairfield Borders in October and check out my work in person! If you walk in the back door, you can check out some of my husband's work too. Yep, Neil and I are trying to take over Borders. Neil's my husband and a mortgage finance executive by day. By night, he's a sports writer. His first book, Welcome to Pottersville, is on the shelf so to speak. It's actually on a table. Be sure to check out that handsome headshot on the back!

The first person to email me with their favorite photograph from my October Border's display will get a brand new autographed copy of Welcome to Pottersville.



I've been keeping a secret from you guys. I walk under ladders, am not affected by black cats and don't toss salt over my shoulder when I spill it. When it comes to photography, I become superstitious. Black just so happens to be a staple in my wardrobe. Black's downfall is that, it absorbs light. So, you'll never see me wear black on a photo shoot. As a natural light photographer I feel absorbing any light is criminal! What will you see me wear? A white shirt and jeans. White is a great reflector! I felt obligated to share this for the people who have booked me 3 or more times this year and are probably thinking I only own one white tee shirt!


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

There's only one thing better than a shoot in my client's home...

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

... it's a shoot in my client's summer home!

Traveling to this family's summer home in East Hampton was a breeze, but the photos from our shoot would have been worth the worst traffic that Route 27 could muster.

It was an early Saturday morning, and just us girls, Baby Girl, Mom, Grandma and Me. Shortly after I arrived I learned that our sweet little subject had a very early start to her day and had fallen back to sleep. I can't tell you how many babies get so excited for their big day that they decide to wake up at 4:30 in the morning! It was a wonderful opportunity to get to know Mom and Grandma a little better over a delicious cup of coffee.

Later, Mom led a tour of the home and our last room was Baby's. She woke up happy and was not concerned about having me in her room. Baby's sweet laid back and relaxed attitude coupled with her incredible good looks yielded some of my favorite photographs from this summer. Doesn't she look like a Gerber Baby? (Gerber, if you're reading this contact me and I'll pass your information along to her Mom. You don't want to let this one go!)

Here's what this Mom had to say after receiving her photographs:

"The photos came today!! They are UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thank you so, so, so, so much! I can’t express just how happy we are with these photos. They brought tears to my eyes. You did an amazing job. I have already emailed ALL my friends with new babies, telling them they HAVE TO hire you. ... The 11x16 came out so beautiful I am handling it like it’s a Faberge egg – I don’t even know how to frame it. I know my mother is going to DIE when she gets her order – I am waiting for the day!
I look forward to many more photo sessions with you as [Baby] grows – you have spoiled us with your unique talent. I am so happy I found you!!"

I really liked this client before she wrote this email, but now I adore her! I love emails like this! I save them and re-read them when I'm doing a marathon proofing session.


Since we're on the topic of shooting in my clients' homes, I've been asked a lot lately why I love working in a home environment. Photographing people in their environment is the foundation of a successful shoot. No matter what your age, having your photograph taken is not always easy. Like a conversation, it is an exchange. Sometimes, the subject can feel vulnerable. As a subject, you can't see what the photographer sees. You're on the spot. Sheesh, even the name subject treats you like an outside party to the process. Any wrong move, and forever more it is captured on digital sensor (unless your photographer shoots film).

Working in my clients homes levels the playing field. My subjects are on their own turf. They've got an advantage. It gives them back some control. Allows them to be knowledgeable and most importantly comfortable. As a matter of fact, the last two clients that I talked out of doing beach shots had the most amazing homes and I loved the photographs from their sessions.

Children do not have the same exact concerns as adults (Did she capture my good side? I hope I didn't crinkle my eyes up too much...). However, they do have an awareness that someone is asking something great from them (sit still) and in return their only reward is the process. (well, their parents get photographs, but when have you heard of a 2 year old that really cares about finally get a decent picture of himself). It doesn't matter if I'm shooting children or adults. My approach is the same. I try to make the process of having your photograph both fun and relaxed. I always have an awareness that I am asking something great of my subjects.



Thank you dear clients for all your wonderful referrals! This has been a very busy summer here and there are a limited number of appointments available in 2006. There are even less weekend appointments available. The next available weekend date is in October.

The best time to book your maternity session is when you're approximately 25 weeks pregnant. The ideal time to conduct a maternity session is around your 33rd week. Why 33? For starters, at 33 weeks you have a belly TO photograph! At 33 weeks you're still able to move around with relative ease and you're not completely exhausted, yet.

The best time to book your newborn session is also around 33 weeks. When booking a newborn session, a retainer is accepted to reserve an appointment. Babies are unpredictable (even with scheduled c-sections) so, we wait and see. Newborn sessions are conducted during the week and I highly recommend doing them when the baby is 5 days old (or less).



Hi! If you're the Andrew that left me the nicest message about photographing your lovely family I can't call you. For some reason your message got cut off before you left your phone number. I would love to photograph your family and would love to call you back!


Monday, July 31, 2006

Her Mamma is a Celebrity

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

                                              © 2006 Hadley Spagna Photography

Around here this sleepy little girl's Mamma is certainly a celebrity. You may have seen her on TV when she was delivering my babies! It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to photograph this gorgeous little girl. Baby T's Mommy, I know you've been reading and waiting for her pictures to be posted on the blog. I'm sorry it's taken so long!

Precious Baby T sure had me fooled! I thought I would be photographing a typical sleepy newborn. Baby T is far from typical and it's obvious the moment you meet her. At five days old she is engaging. For the first hour and a half she didn't show any signs of being sleepy. Finally, after about two hours and one (or two) feedings she finally started to doze!



It was about 15 days after learning I was pregnant with my son to start thinking about nursery decor. Furniture collections, fabric swatches and paint samples swirled around my head like the sweet aroma of cookies baking in the oven. Hey, speaking of sweet aromas, fresh paint is not one of them. If you're concerned about indoor air polution, check out Anna Sova'sHealthy Paint. It's free of the volatile organic compounds that make traditional wall paint so unhealthy and stinky too. Better yet, her colors are to dye (err.. die) for. Although picking a favorite color is tough, I'd say mine is Tibetan Tsi-Tog.



I was a little reluctant to post about how much I loved the Panasonic DMC-FZ7. What happened if one of my clients purchased it and hated it? What if I had the only good version? What if there was a better buy out there? What if I was wrong? Thank you American Photo. Now, I will no longer lose sleep over the camera recommendation. (Okay, I never really lost sleep over it, but I came close two times.) In the July/August edition of American Photo Magazine, the FZ7 was selected as the editor's choice and a Best Buy. I guess that means you'll be taking my recommendations more seriously now. That's great because I know a great children's photographer if you're looking for one...